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Some of the most popular headstones include:

Upright Headstones

One of the most traditional choices when it comes to choosing a stone memorial, upright headstones are composed of two parts, the base and the tablet. The tablet sits ontop of the base and contains engravings of your choice.

Slant Headstones

Pitched or polished, this type of stone memorial provides a similar style to traditional upright headstones, however, they are shorter and the tablet is carved at an angle.

Flat Headstones

One of the most affordable options when it comes to marking a memorial, flat headstones are typically level with the ground or set to be raised up to 4 inches from the ground. Another variant of a flat stone memorial are beveled headstones. They are slightly higher in the back than in the front and can be built to be up to 6 inches from the ground.


If you need help choosing the best type of gravestone for your memorials or stonework needs, please contact us.


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The stonework at Carlson Memorials is crafted from three stone materials: granite, marble, and sandstone.

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Types of Stone & Materials

The stonework at Carlson Memorials is crafted from three stone materials: granite, marble, and sandstone. There are many things that could be crafted from these types of stone. 


This is the most popular stone for use as grave markers or memorials. Granite is an extremely hard and durable stone. Granite is commonly used for building in construction and setting long-lasting headstones and memorials.


This beautiful stone is formed from recrystallized limestone. It is both an elegant and classic choice for memorials.


Otherwise known as brownstone for gravestones is both durable and soft. This type of stone is the easiest to carve can be used for many projects and memorials.